A tattoo is not only color on the skin. A tattoo is something for life. A way of life.

The Art Makia Studio is very aware of this fact.

You come to us as a guest and leave as a friend. Throughout this metamorphosis, we stand as a consultant and partner at your side. Risks and side effects do not disappear in the contracts, they are contacted by us; Merciless!

We help you to choose the right motif, show you the various options, explain which colors fit to your skin type, modify, adapt and design you even unique motifs.

We even say: Come out to look for other studios and compare. Get to know other artists and select the one where the chemistry is right to 100%!

Only in this way you will have a life long joy with your tattoo.

We also attach great importance to our strict hygienic regulations

Each needle is used only once, it is constantly cleaned and sterilized.

And THAT is our task, our goal, our philosophy!

Come and visit us, see you soon in Art Makia!


In this section you will find answers on the selected questions related to the tattoo and the studio. If you need more information on a particular topic – please contact with us. We will be happy to assist you in case of doubts and we will explain any issues that are bothering you. If you are just thinking about your first tattoo, you can be sure of our support during the whole process of its development.

  • Write us an e-mail/ mail on Facebook or visit our shop and describe in it your idea, specify the size of tattooand a placement of your tattoo.
  • Send us some references or photos that will help us to create design for you.
  • We specify a date of your session with the best artist for your idea (or You can choose artist by yourself)

Just like the most reputable studios in the world, we do not have a constant price list for the performed tattoos. The price of the design depends on many factors. Some of them are: the size, place on your body, style and the amount of details. That is why each idea is estimated individually.

This kind of system ensures you the reliability of the pricing, because we do not rely on inflexible forms. Realization of the tattoo is a decision for the whole your life, and tattoo artists in our studio are recognized at numerous convents. They are also very talented specialists. The price includes also the time, which is needed to prepare your design.

If you want to do it in the best way, to prepare yourself for the session day and increase a feeling of comfort, it is really worth if you would apply to the following advices:

  • ​Add zinc into your diet, which improves the condition of your skin, speeds up regeneration and reduces a risk of infection,
  • For a few days before the session resign from drinking alcohol. Thanks to this, your body will be well rested,
  • Resignation of any stimulants, coffee and painkillers will prevent plentiful bleeding during realization of the tattoo,
  • Try to get rest on the day before established session. Take care of a natural and healthy sleep.

You will receive form your tattoo artist a detailed instructions how to take care of your fresh tattoo. There are many proven ways that differs only in details on how to properly heal the new design. It is  not so complicate as it may seem!

Below, we would like to present you a short instruction, which with slight modifications is used by many tattoo enthusiasts all over the world.

  1. Your tattoo will be protected with a foil immediately after its realization. The dressing should be removed after 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of a tattoo.
  2. Once the foil is removed, please wash the place thoroughly with cold water using unscented soap.
  3. Then try to dry the tattoo very softly using clean towel and let it dry.
    A cream for good healing of the tattoo has to be applied on the surface of the skin. The cream may be bought in the studio or in the pharmacy. Remember that the layer of the cream cannot be too thick.
  4. By the following week repeat the procedure with washing and lubrication the tattoo every 2 to 4 hours.
  5. After couple of days you will notice the peeling of the skin – it is a sign that your skin regenerates.
  6. One week after realization of the tattoo you may feel the itching within the place of your new tattoo. Remember that you should not scratch the itching place. Unpleasant feeling will pass after couple of days.
  7. You should lubricate your tattoo with a cream until it is totally healed. It may take up to 1,5 month.
  8. After 2 to 4 weeks you should not use solarium, sauna, swimming poll and gym sometimes (it depends on a size and placament of tattoo).
  9. Avoid bath in the bathtub and use a shower, to not to soak the healing tattoo.  Avoid drinking large quantities of alcohol in the first week after the realization of the tattoo,
  10. Healed tattoo should be prevented from the sun by lubricating it with a high filter cream.

In this case we usually ask you to come personally to our studio and we will do on-site onsultation. However, when mentioned above situation is not possible, you can send a photo of the unwanted tattoo, with information about the size and your idea for the new design. 

More often we decide that we can undertake such a project by making a cover with a new tattoo on your previous one. But remember that cover is a time-consuming work and it takes much more time than realization a new one on the clear skin. The cover of your previous tattoo may influence on the design of the coverage.

In the Art Makia Studio we work only on the 100% sterile equipment and disposable needles, signed with a date of packaging. Tattoo artists, trained in the scope of safety and hygiene rules will be happy to answer all your questions. It allows you to be absolutely sure and feel more comfortable during the realization of the tattoo. It is created for your comfort.

We take 20% of the arrant price.