What is Art Makia Studio?

Place made by enthusiasts created for the rest of tattoo admires. We want to create a place that corresponds your needs and offers the highest quality.

Makia means target, and our target is to convince you with our work!

It is also an opportunity to make an appointment with a tattoo artist chosen among some of the best. Many of them are iconic persons and their positive impact on the development of tattoo art in the last two decades cannot be even overestimated.

At the moment you can also stand out from the crowd and bring out an admiration of the perfectly preformed design.

Art Makia is not only the distinguished figures of the artistic tattoo scene. We want to help in the development of young and really promising tattoo artist by giving them a possibility to work alongside the best ones. We know, that showing the humility and assiduity they have a chance to join the crew of the recognized around the world tattoo artists.

However this workplace is above all a place for you, enthusiasts of the art, which would not exists without your support. Your passion deserves to be recognised. We wanted to show it to you by creating one of the unique places at the tattoo scene – Art Makia Studio.